With the advent of the internet, readily accessible micro controllers, and relatively inexpensive but massively powerful smartphones, the ability to create and innovate in the world of technology has passed from the hands of the large corporate entity to the individual – and that’s just swell!

Compared to only 10 years ago, when the invention of cool new technologies and advancement of existing technologies was still largely monopolized by those who had millions to spend in research and development, there has been a dramatic rise in size and scope of innovations made by so-called “Indy Scientists”. It’s now become possible for the average person to acquire a small amount of technical knowledge and a few components from local electronics stores and put it all together into something amazing. From iPhone apps to robots to sending cameras to the stratosphere, that’s Prophet Studios is all about: innovation by the independent.

Of course, we all still have to make a living, and electronics still cost money, so we make websites and apps for iPhone and iPad too.

Prophet Studios is a software company that believes in building reliable, useful, and innovative apps and tools. Sometimes, we also build something just for the fun of it. Most of our projects typically originate from someone saying “You know, it would be so much easier if I had something that _____”. We look for new ways to make our lives easier using existing platforms and technology while innovating the way they fit together in order to create something new and exciting.

About Kevin James Hunt

An expert iOS developer, seasoned SEO specialist, and amateur space tech hacker; it is Kevin’s goal in life to be the most interesting man in the world. Working as a freelance/professional developer for nearly 10 years while specializing in designing and developing new communication and delivery systems for location-based multimedia, Kevin has mastered the art of taking an existing piece of technology and making it do something incredible that it wasn’t supposed to do to begin with. He spends his spare time checking things off his Bucket List, salsa dancing, building apps while sitting in a ball pit, and sending his iPhone to space to photograph the earth.