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Thanks for your interest!  We do read every single email and respond when necessary.  However, with all the projects we have on the go and the sheer volume of email we receive, we cannot respond to all of them. To send us a message use the Contact Form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire you?
At the moment, we are not considering any offers for partnerships or contracts to build iPhone apps or websites. However, we can definitely put you in touch with some excellent app developers, graphic artists, and web designers. Shoot us an email, and we will recommend some amazing talent.

I have an idea for an indy project, can you help me make it happen?
We’re always on the look-out for new project ideas and technologies to sink our teeth into. However, we already have a ton of projects on the go ourselves so obviously we cant help everybody out.

Can I help with one of your projects?
Absolutely! With some many things on a go, an extra brain and pair of hands can help a lot. Let us know what projects you’re interested in and what skills you have.

Are you developing any apps for Android or Blackberry
At the moment? No. But that’s because we haven’t gotten around to getting one of those devices and jumping in to see what we can do with it. Currently, we’ve got our hands full with iPhone and iPad, but it may happen sometime in the future!

Where can I get support for one of your apps?
If you have any problems with any of our apps, want to report a bug or crash, or have any other support concerts, please feel free to use the contact form below or send us an email directly:

I have a suggestion for a new feature/app
We love feedback! If you have any suggestions, comments, or ideas on how to make our projects better we’d love to hear them. Fill out the comment form below and let us know how to make our apps even more amazing!



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