Star Wars Armada Fleet Builder

A fleet building application for the Star Wars Armada tabletop game by Fantasy Flight Games! Build your list by adding ships, assigning them upgrades, and adding squadrons and objectives. The app follows standard fleet-building rules and restrictions as you build out your fleet. Plus, you’ll have all cards – ships, squadrons, upgrades, and objectives – available for reference in your pocket!



  • Create and manage Rebel or Imperial fleet lists
  • Assign upgrade cards to ships
  • Manage squadrons and Objective cards
  • Filter expansions, ships, squadrons, upgrades, and objectives by personal collection when building fleets
  • All card details available for reference
  • All waves and expansion contents for reference
  • Fleet building rules are applied automatically
  • Includes all waves up to Wave 6
  • Wave 7 added soon!

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Now available in the app store!

This app is not endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd. or Fantasy Flight Games and is intended for entertainment only. The Official Star Wars site can be found at The Official Fantasy Flight Games site can be found at Star Wars, the Star Wars logo, all names and pictures of Star Wars characters, vehicles, and any other Star Wars related items are registered trademarks and/or copyrights of Lucasfilm Ltd., or their respective trademark and copyright holders.

64 thoughts on “Star Wars Armada Fleet Builder”

  1. Bug Report: I am Making a Fleet with an Assault Frigate Mk II A; I can’t seem to use a title card. There is an option called “Assault Mk II” that is empty, I think this is were the title option should have been.

  2. Love the app! Thanks for tackling this. Please add Corellian Campaign objectives and squadrons ASAP … then it will be complete and fully operational.

  3. AWESOME!!!! Great progress. FYI, Zertik Strom (TIE Advanced ace) is MIA (Missing In Action) haha. Loving the app so far, thank you!!! Some friendly suggestions for future upgrades:
    1. A collection function to track all of our fiddily bits by expansion pack so when building a fleet, we will see if we have those cards to use (not too important, just a nice-to-have) with the ability to add and remove individual cards and ships
    2. The ability to copy a fleet to quickly modify an existing fleet.
    3. The ability to copy a ship with upgrades within a fleet so if I have a flotilla with comms net built, I can quickly copy it to have a second.
    4. Win / loss tracker for each fleet.

    Just some ideas but I love the app! THANK YOU!!!

    1. AlexanderProphet

      Thanks Wayne! I’ll figure out where Zertik flew off to and instruct him to return for court marshal. Thanks for the suggestions too! I’m actively working on the collection feature right now. That was part of the reason I wanted an iOS app in the first place! And the other two are definitely on my list of features to add. Fly safe!

  4. Hi, not sure if this is the right place, but i’ve found i can’t add a title to the assault frigate mk2 B.
    The line i assume that is for that says the ship type insteas of title and doesn’t bring up a list when tapped.
    Great app, especially like the filtering so you have to follow the rules for upgrade.
    One thing a lot of the web based builder are missing, a filter for what packs you own. E.g i don’t want to see what is in the correlian campaign, because i don’t have it. Might be a good addition.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. AlexanderProphet

      Yes thank you! This was precisely the place to put this! I’ve fixed the issue in the DB so you should see the proper titles the next time you restart the app. And it’s funny you should mention the filtering for what packs you own, because we just pushed an update to Apple for review that contains EXACTLY that feature, so expect that update next week sometime!

  5. I love this app! I would love it even more if it had a print or export feature. Thanks for making it, it is really handy!

    1. AlexanderProphet

      Thanks Reece! There a lot of people have been asking for a text export option, so there is a new version on its way with exactly that feature!

  6. Bug report: as I scroll down on my larger fleets the app crashes. The last update says it fixed this but it is still happening. My app is up to date and did not start doing this until I downloaded the last patch.

  7. Is this app still being developed? I put in a bug report almost 3 days ago and still have not had my post authorized. Also, an earlier comment in October about adding the Corellian conflict was replied to with “it will be added in the next few days”. Has this app been abandoned?

    1. Hi Heath! Sorry I’ve been away on vacation. Yes the app is most definitely still being developed. I’m looking into fixing the crash for larger fleets.

      The Corellian Conflict squadrons and objectives should already be added too. Can you please verify that you are using the latest version of the app, and that the database has updated?

  8. I use the app all the time. But in the last few days, it crashes everyone I load a saved fleet. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstall the app, and I get the same result. I click on a fleet, the app kicks me back to the home screen.

    1. Hi Bill! I’m actively working on fixing a known bug that involves large fleets, or lots of different types of squadrons. Did your Fleet fall into either of those categories? If not, you may have to delete the Fleet and re-add it. Sorry for that 🙁

  9. Thanks for this app

    Kept crashing when I scroll down to add more squadrons

    Just got Armada and this is crucial (play. Xwing and mobile list building is so helpful so this was one of the first things to get for me after opening the box)
    Only one out there too so thanks

    Appreciate all the hard work!

  10. Hi all, just letting you know that there is a new version, 1.8 that resolves the crashing issue in the app store now. So if you have not updated, please do so and let me know if you run into any further issues!

    Fly safe out there!

  11. Hi just regards to the app that is getting better with every update few minor adjustments I think would make user friendly

    The support team – “nav team” description you have- repair: it should be navigate:

    My app seems to crash when I create lists of 600 points or more

    And just an idea when you are browsing your lists and enter a list when you leave it returns you to the top mabey an option when you return out of a list that you resume from you last position?

    1. AlexanderProphet

      Thanks for the kind words Lee! There is a new version of the app waiting for review right now (1.11) that should actually resolve all three of these things 🙂

  12. Apple for some reason decided that this was the time to hassle me about having the words “Star Wars” anywhere in the app, so they’ve been screwing me around over all sorts of things and put me in the “extended review” track.

    It should HOPEFULLY be ready in the next few days *fingers crossed*

  13. Bug Report: I am using Version 1.10 (IOS) and when adding cards to a fleet list the cards available are all doubled. The app still works, but seeing two of everything makes the interface twice as long to scroll through. This happens for ships, squadrons, and expansions. Limiting the interface to my collection doesn’t change anything. Really like the app, but would love to see this fixed.

    1. Hi Paul,

      There is a fix for this currently in review for Apple. It should have been out weeks ago, but I’m getting a lot of FLACK from Apple this time around. It should be approved any day now, however 🙂

    1. AlexanderProphet

      Hi Scott, I have a new update that should resolve this crash waiting for review from Apple. It should be available in the next few days!

      1. Saw the update and installed. Able to get in, however now I’m crashing randomly every few times I update a list. Seems to happen when I add an upgrade, but the upgrades themselves seem random. Happens the most when adding Leading Shots to an MC-75.

  14. Nothing to do with armada but I do rely on ur app for my fleet builds cos it’s rwlly good👍🏼

    Will you be making one for sw legion?

    I hope so!!

  15. Hi, using the armada app and loving it! Great you created it! Think there is a feature that might have added value, hoping it can be added.

    When buying separate cards (yes, one can), I cannot add such separate purchases. Could this feature be added, perhaps via the card section?
    Perhaps a similar approach could be added when buying barebone ships (no cards) or separate fighter groups?

    I read somewhere the max fighter loadout was 1/3 of the points, rounded up. Is this enforced at the moment, or possible to enforce?

    Last request is real nerdy. When building a fleet, the app sees everything as ‘available’. I guess there are those, like me, that have enough, deliberaty, to create 2 fleets. Can the app be made to ‘see’ what fleets need to coexist from the same collection, at the same time?

    Thanks for reading!

    1. Hi Mark! These are some great ideas!

      You should be able to use the Collection menu to add individually purchased cards, ships, etc. If you click on any of the expansion packs, you can update any cards or models from that pack that you have bought seperately.

      For the max fighter loadout, we show the total fighter squadron points at the top of the list, but we don’t force the app to only show you squadrons that can still fit within the limit. An option to toggle that behaviour is definitely in my backlog of features to add though, so I will definitely get to it!

      The last request is a very cool idea but would be a pretty big update. I will definitely add it to the backlog though!

  16. Is there a way to make it so you can build both a Rebel and Imperial fleet in the same list. I ask because I am trying to build versions of both fleets to be used for casual play but I have to remember which cards (that I have limited number of) were assigned to which ship between the teams – I don’t want to use one copy of a card in two or more different places if I don’t have physical multiples.

    As it is currently, if I am building a imperial fleet – I’ve set in the app what expansions I have so it knows exactly what content I am using. If I have one copy of X card and I assign it to ship A, then I can’t assign it to ship B because it’s already been used. What would be nice is to have the option to use that same function between the rebels and imperial fleets. Maybe if they were linked somehow.

    Also, having a upgrade card counter would be awesome. As you are assigning upgrade cards, have it show how many of each card are still available (currently unused/unassigned). That way you could decide which ships you wanted to assign the card to based on its scarcity.

    Anyways, I really love the app. Thank you!

  17. Bug Report: using Armada Fleet Builder and trying to add non-names squadrons and the +/- sign changes to Save and then when you tap the new save button, the app crashes. Thank you.

  18. Latest update does not install. An error message shows the downloaded data could not be read because it isn’t in the correct format. Removing the app and reinstalling from AppStore does not fix it.

  19. I was building a fleet using the Reserve Hanger Deck card and noticed the discription in app is different from the actual card description. In the app the discription is the same as the Auxiliary Shields Team.

  20. Any plans on making an Android version? If not is the source code open source, I would be interested in helping/working on the Android version

  21. Awesome work! I don’t know how I would play Armada without this app, my friends and I all use it. I am seeing a bug where I add an upgrade to a ship and it won’t show that the card was added until I back out of the selected ship/fleet and reselect the ship. Lastly, what do you need in order to get the Starhawk and Onager on the app? Photos? Scans?

  22. Hello! Do you need scans of wave 9 in order to get it up on the app? I can help by providing them if need be. I’ve been itching to start making fleets with the new ships! Thanks for the work that you do!

  23. Found a bug on the latest update. Not able to add either super weapon to the Onager, they are instead listed under the Starhawk.

  24. So a lot of people have been asking about this app and my Legion iOS app and they are STILL being supported.

    My home burned down back in June (along with my X-Wing, Armada, and Legion collections) and I’ve only just recently been able to get my life back together. I’ve been slowly working on updating the app for Clone Wars and get as much of the previewed stuff as I can out in the next couple of weeks. And if anyone has any cool new feature ideas for iOS 14 widgets, etc, please let me know!

  25. Hello I would like to report an issue with this app. Ever since the new update it has caused the app to crash several times for no reason when I’m viewing different ships and tabs I.e. collections or expansions etc. i was wondering if this a known issue with the app itself or is it an issue in my end?

  26. Hello
    Just downloaded your Armada Fleet Builder. When I opened it, it said it didn’t couldn’t download some info and none of the ship images and info load up.

  27. I starting using your Armada Fleet Builder app a couple months ago and loved it. Unfortunately, this week when I tried to use the app all of the tie fighter squadrons were messed up. Regular tie fighter squadrons weren’t showing up or sometimes were showing up but were called Tie Intercepter Squadrons. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app several times but it is still not allowing me to put basic Tie Fighters into my Imperial Fleet.

    1. Hey thanks for letting me know! I’ve fixed the issue in the DB. You should see the update come in the next time you restart the app!

  28. Hey there!

    I was glad to discover your app, however upon the initial start of the app, it attempts to update the database- and then prompts me with a certificate error. Any ways around that?

    Kind regards

  29. This app currently errors whenever it attempts to download it’s data. So, while app downloads and the interface looks great, I cannot build any fleets or look at any ships or upgrade cards. Will this be fixed or have you abandoned this app?

    1. I have the same issue. Will this be fixed in the future because I loved this app to build fleets and now it isnt working anymore.

    2. I was just able to get the app to download its data. It still needs to be updated for the new point values of the Onager and I am running into a bug where if I select Howlrunner it prevents me from also selecting Mauler Mithal. However, the app itself is now running.

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