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Have you ever had to search your whole house for that one piece of paper with a woman’s number on it? Did that phone number you had written on your arm get smeared while you were asleep? Did something just get spilled on that napkin with the phone number that the bartender passed you?

How many times have you lost a phone number a pretty girl gave you? How often have you stared at your phone thinking “What am I going to text this girl?” How many times have you woken up the morning after meeting and exchanging numbers with a hot babe and found that you’ve forgotten everything you’ve talked about?

Or maybe you aren’t getting as many phone numbers as you would like? Or maybe you’re getting too many fake numbers? Or maybe you aren’t getting any at all?

The Venusian Arts Phone Game Companion has your back!

Developed by Venusian Arts dating coach Alexander Prophet with the help of some of the world’s greatest Pick-Up Artists, we designed this app to help take the stress and uncertainty of interacting with a beautiful women on the phone.

As you get better and better with women, you will notice that you will suddenly have a LOT of phone numbers to keep track of. As you get more and more numbers every day/weekend/month/year the number of fun, attractive, and (most importantly) interested girls that you need to keep in contact with can become increasingly hard to manage. Without some sort of organization, a great deal of beautiful women you have exchanged numbers with may get forgotten or lost. In the past, may of the “Master PUAs” have resorted to using spreadsheets and post-it notes to keep track of the hundreds of women they’ve picked up. But these are far from ideal, and particularly difficult to manage from a mobile phone!

** Remember the Details and Always Have Something To Say **
This app is intended to keep you covered. By recording important notes and even setting reminders for when to call her next, you will have an uncanny ability to recall important details, contact her at just the right time, have interesting things to talk about, and even remember possible date options! And with the pre-made text pebbles, you’ll always have something funny to keep her thinking of you!

** Are You Getting Enough? **
Not getting enough phone numbers as it is? That’s ok, the Phone Game section contains everything you need to know, from how to get her number, to when to call her after getting it, what to talk about when you do, when it is appropriate to text her, and even how to set up the next date.


** Features **
+ Detailed articles on “Phone Game” by professional dating coaches from Venusian Arts covering everything from getting the number to meeting up for the next date
+ Keep track of all the beautiful women you’ve met and exchanged numbers with
+ Set reminders for when to call/text them next
+ Store detailed notes on what you talked about, future date ideas/opportunities, and interesting things to remember
+ Comes pre-loaded with dozens of funny/cocky/interesting SMS conversation starters written by some of the world’s greatest Pick-up Artists
+ Call, Text, or send pre-made SMS conversation starter to your woman right from her page in the app
+ Add your own conversation starters or download more through in-app purchases
+ Import profiles from your Contacts

Free for A Limited Time! Download Now!

If you’ve heard of and/or enjoyed the books “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists” by Neil Strauss, “The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed” by Mystery, or enjoyed VH1’s hit TV sow “The Pick-Up Artist” then this is the app for you. It’s like having a telephone cheat sheet in your pocket!

Be sure to check out to learn more about Mystery and The Venusian Arts

Coming soon: More profile fields: location, date we met, nicknames, and more!

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