Digital Glasses for Low Vision – Eyewear for the legally blind

This app functions both as a simple magnifier and as an economical alternative to the absurdly expensive headsets such as eSight, NuEyes, and OxSight.

There are many magnifier apps out there for people with low vision/visual disabilities, but this app is the first to additionally offer a fully-functional augmented reality experience that allows legally blind individuals to enhance and augment their natural sight. Users can achieve the exact same benefits and visual enhancements from existing (and expensive) commercial hardware at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Using inexpensive AR/VR headsets and extremely affordable Bluetooth remotes (or Apple or Pebble watches), sufferers of macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and many other visual impairments can regain a tremendous amount of autonomy and independence.

– Use the Magnifier mode to zoom and enlarge text and everyday objects. You can also increase/decrease brightness, color saturation, contrast, and activate/deactivate the flashlight on the phone for increased visibility
– Use the Headset mode with any compatible AR/VR headset to enhance your sight hands-free!
– Headset mode works with any compatible iCade Bluetooth remote controller, Apple Watches, and Pebble Smartwatches (excluding Round watches)
– Use remotes or smartwatches to increase/decrease brightness, color saturation, contrast, and activate/deactivate the flashlight on the phone for increased visibility
– Instructional How-To videos for all features!

Download on the App Store!

NOTE: To fully experience the features of this app, you will need an AR/VR headset to place your phone or iPod Touch, as well as a Bluetooth remote, Apple Watch, or Pebble Watch to control your headset. The app contains links to all compatible components as well as instructions for using them.

If you have a Bluetooth remote or device that this app does not function correctly with, please get in touch! We want this to be as accessible to as many people as possible!

How to Use

You can find a VR Headset here.

You can find a Bluetooth remote here.

You can find an Apple Watch here.

You can find a Pebble Watch here.
Prophet Studios believes in building reliable, useful, and innovative apps and tools. I built this app because my father recently lost most of his sight and existing vision-enhancing headsets are ridiculously expensive. That made me furious. So I made this app because everyone deservers to see without having to pay an absurd amount of money for it.

You can read more about why I am so angry here.

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5 thoughts on “Digital Glasses for Low Vision – Eyewear for the legally blind”

  1. Hiya, I know you aren’t developing this any more, but I’d love to install the companion app on my pebble, but all it does it send me to a broken link. I’m not sure you can fix, it but if you could that would rock. Thanks so much for the hard work!

  2. Penelope Walker Ellexson

    This app worked perfectly I know I was able to see for the first fucking time in five years and then it stopped it does not what are use the virtual reality app it does not respond. Do you have any idea what I’m going through right now I have site for 12 hours and now it’s gone and I reloaded and reloaded what is wrong what can I do

    1. Hi Penelope! I’m so sorry the app isnt working for you. I will definitely help you get it working again though. Just a couple of questions to help me understand the problem you are having:

      When you press the Mmagnifier button, does the camera view show up? Does that function still work?
      When you press the Headset button, do the instructions for installing your device in a headset appear?
      If you turn the phone on its side after pressing the headset button, does the camera view appear for both eyes in VR mode? Only one eye? None?

      If you can let me know what is happening, I can try to fix it for the next release. In the meantime, there are a couple of things you can try right away:

      You can try to force-kill the app by double-tapping the home button, finding the app, and then swiping up. Then try opening the app again and reload it.
      If that doesnt work, try deleting the app entirely and reinstalling.

      Let me know if either of these work. If not, I will definitely help you get back up and running again!

  3. I work for the RNIB is this something I could recommend and demonstrate to clients or are I not working on it anymore? If u are what headset should I get and what Bluetooth remote as I’m not v tech savvy. I have a macular condition but not too bad at the moment but I’d like something to get to show people and many are interested in the glasses but as u say they are v expensive. Many thanks Claire Carey

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