Star Wars Legion Army List Builder

An army list building application for the Star Wars Legion tabletop game by Fantasy Flight Games! Build your list by adding units, assigning them upgrades, and constructing your command card hand. The app follows standard list-building rules and restrictions as you build out your army list. Plus, you’ll have all cards – troopers, vehicles, upgrades, commands, and battle cards – available for reference in your pocket!


  • Create and manage Rebel or Imperial army lists
  • Assign upgrade cards to units
  • Manage command cards
  • Filter expansions, troopers, vehicles, upgrades, and commands by personal collection when building your army
  • Export army lists as text or JSON
  • All card details available for reference
  • All waves and expansion contents for reference
  • Latest FAQ errata automatically updated for all cards
  • List building rules are applied automatically
  • Includes all previewed cards up to wave 3!

Now available in the app store!

This app is not endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd. or Fantasy Flight Games and is intended for entertainment only. The Official Star Wars site can be found at The Official Fantasy Flight Games site can be found at Star Wars, the Star Wars logo, all names and pictures of Star Wars characters, vehicles, and any other Star Wars related items are registered trademarks and/or copyrights of Lucasfilm Ltd., or their respective trademark and copyright holders.


  1. Every time the app updates it wipes out my collection

    1. Author

      Hi Jeff!

      This should be fixed in the last update. Sorry, I know it was super annoying for me too.

  2. Hi

    Bit of a problem on iOS 12 iPhone 8 I can’t seem to add additions to current army’s or amend? Help!!

    1. Author

      Hi! This should be fixed in the last update. Let me know if you still have issues!

  3. Even after today’s update to an amazing app there is still an issue with Rebel Commandos Strike Team. When you have one sniper on a strike team and attempt to add another on a second strike team, it will not let you do it as no snipers appear to select, even if you have several commando expansions in your collection. Could you please fix this?

    1. Author

      Hi Joseph!
      I’m actually having trouble reproducing this issue with the latest update. You are basically trying to do this right?
      Two commands teams with snipers
      Can you double check your collection and the number of cards and models you have for your Strike Team?

  4. I still cannot add Fetts command cards to my army after he is added

    1. Author

      Thanks for letting me know Andy! There’s a new update out now that should fix this.

      1. Fixed! Thanks a lot! A great app is now even greater!

  5. I’m having issues with the app crashing when I go to add upgrades to an AT-ST.

    1. I’m having the same issue. iOS 12.1. I noticed there is a new iOS update that I’m downloading now. Hoping that will fix the issue.

  6. Hi! Awesome app, wanted to let you know, at least for me, I’m having trouble with app crashing on the At-St. in particular only when a hard point has been added too it. I believe this only just started happening with the 1.5 update. I’m on IOS 12.1. I do see a 12.1.2 available and I’ll try and provide an update once it’s downloaded / installed tomorrow.

    1. iOS updated and still crashing 🙁

      1. Author

        Thanks Weston for the info! I think I’ve found the problem. I’ll get an update out that should hit the app store in the next few days.

  7. Absolutely love the Legion Army Builder App. Just wanted to note an error. You have Chewbacca at a unit cost of 190. He should be 110. Keep up the great work!!

    1. Author

      Thanks Matt! I’ve updated it in the DB. You should see a data update today!

  8. Hello, your Legion army builder does not let me add the sniper to the strike team.

    1. Author

      Hi David, can you give me an example of your list?

  9. any chance this will come out for android?

    1. I would like Android app too, please.

  10. Any chance of seeing the Imperial Specialists added soon? This is my favorite list building tool, but currently lacks units available in my collection.

    1. Author

      It’s literally the next task on the task list. Expect an update today!

  11. I just downloaded the app for the first time and it looks great. I can build an army but I can’t add anything to my collection. When I open the app it tries to update and the it says “Download Failed”. Is this why I can’t add anything to my collection?

    1. Author

      Hi Casey, thanks for letting me know. It looks like it was just a small problem with the data from the server, which in turn was preventing you from adding to your collection. It should be fixed now, so let me know if you still have problems after it updates!

  12. Hy, Good works the Legion Builder.

    Can makes in the Next Update See the number of aktivation:
    Totale:799/800pts (8,9,11)Aktivations Export

    And more Option vor Save the Army List
    Im a Cloud Not only Save in Druck


  13. Rebel Pathfinder card worth 68 points, not 60

    1. Author

      Thanks for letting me know! Just updated the DB.

  14. I love this app! This has been a huge help in learning the game. the death troopers heavy weapons are not available on the iPhone. Will that be updated soon?

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