More Balloon Tweaks

Test with the balloon app today revealed that setting the location manager with an distance limit of 300m was not producing accurate altitude information until very late. This could make it very difficult to find the device if we need to tell it to select a higher accuracy. In going to scale it down to 150m and see how that goes.

I got the balloon tracker done tonight too. I’m going to record my screen on my old Mac while I run a test on my way to work and make sure all goes well. With that I think I’ve finally finished all the final preparations I need to get done. Once I know Oksy has our helium (or at least a place for me to book the helium), I can rent a car and take Wednesday off. Predictions look good. Not as good as they looked yesterday, but I can’t complain at all.

I had restless dreams last night, all of them involving computer code and balloon coordinates. Will be glad when this thing is up in the air on Wednesday!

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