Invading Robots

While we were eagerly awaiting the return of our balloon yesterday, Oksana and I discussed what to do with all the left over helium we had.  The idea “mini balloon launch” came up, in which we would send normal-sized latex balloons with QR codes containing messages attached to them up into the skys. Then, when the balloons popped, the QR codes would come down for people to find. Perhaps we could even use those cheap plastic paratrooper soldiers that you always got as party favours!

We decided that we want people to go to a website specified by the QR code, where they can submit the location they found the thing, submit a photo of it, and enter a personal message. We decided that we should use the little robot paratroopers instead of soldiers, a) because they were way cuter, and b) because they would allow us to put “the robots are invading!” in the message. I think they should also be able to name their new robot master as well.

A quick google search found us a place just outside of Toronto that would deliver the exact robot paratroopers we wanted in packs of 72 for $25. I love the Internet so much. All I have to do now is buy a domain and create the website that’s going to display all of this.

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