OmniFocus and Getting Things Done

Last week a good friend and personal mentor asked me to help him add some much-needed but apparently non-existent features to an application called OmniFocus for Mac.

According to my google searches, OmniFocus is considered one of the best task management applications on the market designed to support David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology. But despite being an avid user of GTD, I had never heard of OmniFocus until he suggested I get it as well. And since he was the one who told me to read the GTD book in the first place, I downloaded the trial to see what it could do.

About a week later and I’m absolutely in love with OmniFocus so far. I picked up their iPhone app to replace “Todo” and now I feel more organized than ever. I’m not saying my previous system wasnt good already, but there were some obvious holes that OmniFocus filled very nicely.

In short, I’m in love with it. And anyone who (like me) has a million and one projects on the go at any given time would be wise to take some serious time to evaluate how well they’re current task management system is working. Of course, there are still a couple of features is like to see – but hey, we’ll probably just end up adding them ourselves anyway!

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