SEND HELP 1.4 Available

You asked and we listened!  We’ve added Today View extension to our Send Help app that will automatically launch the app and send your SEND HELP alerts by tapping on the button. We fixed that pesky crash that a number of users have reported.  Sorry for the delay on that guys!  And we’ve also fixed a number of internal bugs and provided better notifications if an alert cannot be sent due to server error.

Download it now in the iTunes Store!


2 thoughts on “SEND HELP 1.4 Available”


    I hope your apps will save my life one day i have bad health problems if you an keep me update i would be happy to get them i hope my doctors will take your apps on board regards alec lol

  2. AlexanderProphet

    Thanks for the kind words Alec! Although I honestly hope that you never have to actually hit that Send Help button, I’m glad it’s giving you some peace of mind. 🙂

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