Star Wars Legion Army List Builder Available Now!

Our Star Wars Legion Army List Builder app is now available for iOS! After the success and tremendously positive response to our Armada Fleet Builder app, we expanded and improved on our original design to build one for Fantasy Flight’s new miniatures game. We’ve featured all the newly revealed expansions with all the details currently available, and we will keep updating as new units and cards are revealed!


  • Create and manage Rebel or Imperial army lists
  • Assign upgrade cards to units
  • Manage command cards
  • Filter expansions, troopers, vehicles, upgrades, and commands by personal collection when building your army
  • Export army lists as text or JSON
  • All card details available for reference
  • All waves and expansion contents for reference
  • Latest FAQ errata automatically updated for all cards
  • List building rules are applied automatically
  • Includes all previewed cards up to wave 3!

Upcoming features

  • iPad support
  • Syncing across devices via iCloud
  • Searching reference cards
  • Sorting lists and ships
  • Win/Loss/Tie history for fleets

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Now available in the app store!

1 thought on “Star Wars Legion Army List Builder Available Now!”

  1. Hi

    In the star wars legion army builder app the OOM series battle droids cost 9 points when they should have costed 12 points.
    Can you fix that please?

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