After a serious technical delay, the iOS list builder apps for Star Wars Legion and Armada are now available on the iOS App Store! These long-awaited updates feature all the newly released and previewed cards, models, and expansion packs as well as a myriad of fixes, including:  Edit list details when tapping on description in list Add unit to your list automatically by selecting an upgrade for that unit (sorry it took so long to finally add this!) Full dark mode support List building logic for Skirmish/Task Force battles Check out the updates on the Apple store here:Star Wars Armada Fleet BuilderStar Wars Legion ArmyRead More →

Our Star Wars Legion Army List Builder app is now available for iOS! After the success and tremendously positive response to our Armada Fleet Builder app, we expanded and improved on our original design to build one for Fantasy Flight’s new miniatures game. We’ve featured all the newly revealed expansions with all the details currently available, and we will keep updating as new units and cards are revealed! Features Create and manage Rebel or Imperial army lists Assign upgrade cards to units Manage command cards Filter expansions, troopers, vehicles, upgrades, and commands by personal collection when building your army Export army lists as text orRead More →

About a year and a half ago, I wrote a rather nasty post on my personal blog about an assisted vision device company called eSight and the ridiculous price of their vision-enhancing eyewear. I was angry that it cost so much money to give my father back his ability to see. So angry, in fact, that I set out to build a cheap, open-source alternative of my own. I built this app to work with an inexpensive Google Cardboard headset to digitally enhance the sight of people who are visually impaired using augmented reality. The latest headsets that provide vision-enhancement cost between $3,000 to $10,000Read More →

After a quiet beta launch and some fantastic feedback and features suggestions, we are announcing our FULLY FUNCTIONAL Star Wars Armada Fleet Builder app along with some huge new functions. This massive updates contains some of the most requested features and updates, including: All waves and expansion contents for reference Filter expansions, ships, squadrons, upgrades, and objectives by personal collection when building fleets Copy a ship and its selected upgrades Added defence tokens display for ships and squadrons Added + buttons for each type of fleet item: ship, squadron, objective Manually select number of each type of squadron Squadron types are grouped together in theRead More →

A new update for the Venusian Arts Phone Game Companion Toolkit is now available in the app store. This long-awaited version contains numerous bug fixes and stability improvements. And there are some fun new canned text gambit packs available as well! Read More →

Creating a set of daily tasks helps to develop healthy, productive rituals. SimpliDone! is designed to do just that. It provides a simple, easy-to-use interface to quickly add your daily tasks and be reminded of what you need to get done throughout your day – when you need to be reminded. And with support for the Today Widget on iOS as well as a companion app for the AppleWatch, you will be able to review and check off your completed tasks without ever having to open the app again.Read More →

We’ve added Today View extension that will automatically launch the app and send your SEND HELP alerts by tapping on the button.Read More →

I’ve been having so much fun down here in Australia that totally forgot to post that the latest update to our VA Phone Game app is now available for iOS. This version features a whole slew of new text gambits for pumping buying temperature with a quick laugh, feeling out if she’s free to chat… [read more at]Read More →