Armada Fleet Builder Crash Fixes In the App Store!

Crash fixes and updates for Star Wars Armada Fleet Builder iOS app are now available in App Store!

We’ve added numerous updates and fixes including: 

  • Exported fleets are now compatible with Tabletop Simulator! 

  • Fix for adding certain unique squadrons to fleets

  • Minor bug fixes and updates

Download or update now!



4 thoughts on “Armada Fleet Builder Crash Fixes In the App Store!”

  1. Still having a lot of crashes, and annoyingly fleets are losing ships. Mostly when it crashes I loved ships from the fleet. But today I opened the app fresh and the fleet I just flew Friday was missing two of the three ships.

  2. New to this.
    I can’t even made the initial download for everything.
    I just installed the app trough the Apple AppStore and launched it. Accepted the disclaimer or agb. And closed the tutorial.
    The the App says „updating“. This goes for ages. When I re-open the App it tells me Certificate Error.

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