Armada Fleet Builder Lost Fleet Issue Fixed In the App Store!

More fixes and updates Star Wars Armada Fleet Builder iOS app are now available in App Store!

We received a number of complaints about some fleets not saving – or even being lost entirely from the app! We are super sorry for this, as we all know how much it sucks to lose a fleet list that you’ve spent hours putting together. Numerous fixes and stability improvements are now in place, including: 

  • Massive overhaul of database and stability fixes – no more lost fleets!

  • Minor bug fixes and updates

Download or update now!



1 thought on “Armada Fleet Builder Lost Fleet Issue Fixed In the App Store!”

  1. This App (Armada Fleet Builder) is currently failing every time it tries to download its data. The error message says that the data cannot be read because it is not stored in the correct format. Please fix this data issue because the app is completely unusable until it is fixed.

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