Star Wars Legion and Armada List Builder Updates Now Available!

After a serious technical delay, the iOS list builder apps for Star Wars Legion and Armada are now available on the iOS App Store! These long-awaited updates feature all the newly released and previewed cards, models, and expansion packs as well as a myriad of fixes, including: 

  • Edit list details when tapping on description in list
  • Add unit to your list automatically by selecting an upgrade for that unit (sorry it took so long to finally add this!)
  • Full dark mode support
  • List building logic for Skirmish/Task Force battles

Check out the updates on the Apple store here:
Star Wars Armada Fleet Builder
Star Wars Legion Army List Builder

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  1. Is this still supported? I have found it very useful in my list building, but several of the most recent releases are not in the app.

  2. I was wondering the same thing as Andrew. I really love this app, but units are missing.

  3. Third guy, chiming in. LOVE your app but the latest units aren’t available.

  4. Yep, needs updating as I’m forced to use TableTop Admiral now. Would pay for this one if it was updated regularly 😉

  5. Same here. I would pay for this if it included the Clone wars units, and errata.

  6. Yes this app is awesome, we would love a wave 11 update

    1. I would be willing to pay for this app if it were updated. If the app is no longer going to be supported let us know please

  7. Love the app too. I would pay for it.

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