• SimpliDONE

    Simple Todo and Daily Task and Reminder Manager with Apple Watch support!

  • Star Wars Legion Army Builder

    A detailed army list builder application for the Star Wars Legion tabletop game by Fantasy Flight games

  • Send Help

    Designed for simplicity, speed, and ease of use, this app will get your request for help out there FAST. Send SMS and emails to pre-selected emergency contacts and post your location to Facebook and Twitter, all with the click of a button.

  • Digital Glasses for Low Vision

    Wearable eyewear for the legally blind.

Social Media Integration

We’re discovering new ways to allow people to connect using social media and mobile devices, integrating Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ into our mobile applications allows users to interact with people they know or find new friends.

Location-based Services

Using native iOS and Google geolocation APIs, we build location-aware solutions that integrate seamlessly into the user experience.

Mission Critical Software

We’ve developed client and server-side software for projects for which failure would be catastrophic, including high-altitude near-space flights and emergency alert services.

Indy Science and DIY

We actively take part in indy science and hacker/maker events, including the NASA SpaceApps Challenge.